DF, No way man, im only acting the clown,
I dont give a chit wat u call me.
Best Regards, 
scrummy wrote: That's Nice Joc, Really lovely, but u want me to leave my wife, (Forget that last part, Typo)
and move to a place where im supposed to sleep in a hen house, cater to all your whims and watever, no pay, feed myself, I already can speak American,  OMG,  AWESOME, THAT IS SO KEWL, etc.
and pretend to be happy, it's not gonna work Joc, Ur gonna have to bend a few rules to get me to give up this paradise i already live in, Nice try though, Have a look up now and there are more watchin u.

Scrummy, of course it's not going to work! I can only bend rules so far you know. I mean I could probably get you a fake passport but I realize your court ordered ankle bracelet will beep if you get further from your home than 100 feet. It's kismet.

But then, loose change is loose change; I can still save it up for 10 years give or take and then show up at your place which by the way I notice you don't post any pictures of because you're too busy looking up at whatever that is watchin me. :D
SSSSHHHH, Efuf about the ankle brace,
I dont want anyone to know, how can i post pics from a 12x6, wats to show,
Big walls and a yard, I have enuf to do keeping away from Bubba.