WHEN are we going to kill this troll for once and all, G?
They'd have to ban Viet Nam, or the bad half anyway.

I mean, I wasn't thrilled with my mother either, but I wouldn't make up stories about her to try to get a foreigner to spend thousands bringing me to America. :D
Joc, Wanna bring me to US,
Im house trained n all. 
Hmmm, can I get a certification on the house training? And will it be with the understanding that you'll be treated very badly and have to work 18 hours a day to keep me in the lifestyle I'd like to become accustomed to? And can I call you Jeeves?

(certainly I will, I'll start saving my loose change, it shouldn't take more than say, 10 years give or take) :D
I have loads of certificates from physiatric places,
Ive been inocculated for typhoid, malaria, asain flu, even morning sickness, (watever dat is)
buit u cant call me after the big guy, thats disrespectful,
but u prolly woulds be roarin, Oh J, where did they get u. 
Scrummy! Shhh, they haven't got me yet! In Oregon there's plenty of places to hide right out in the open.

I'm still pondering over the whole Jeeves condition. I had my heart set on it. :D
U are being watched, see those yokes in the sky over you,
If u went out, looking up, I suggest u get to a hosp asap, and sign urself in,
Ive never been to Oregan, I might like it. 
Scrummy, I see lots of things and sometimes everything, but mostly only those things I want to see. I call it self preservation. I'll leave it to others to yolk themselves into what they feel are worthwhile endeavors. I have plenty of my own endeavors to keep me busy.

And, if I went outside and looked up right now, the hail would put dents in my forehead. Hospital? Only when forced.

You might like Oregon. You could see things like this. :)

That's Nice Joc, Really lovely, but u want me to leave my wife, (Forget that last part, Typo)
and move to a place where im supposed to sleep in a hen house, cater to all your whims and watever, no pay, feed myself, I already can speak American,  OMG,  AWESOME, THAT IS SO KEWL, etc.
and pretend to be happy, it's not gonna work Joc, Ur gonna have to bend a few rules to get me to give up this paradise i already live in, Nice try though, Have a look up now and there are more watchin u.
You had a lucky escape there, Joce. He probably has a 'wife' in every country :lol: :lol:
Says he is single too :roll:
Gwynnie, Do u know the Italians call a fog, a bigamist.
Every time they see a fog, ITSA BIGAMIST. 
Haven't the foggiest what you are talking about scrummy :) did you make that up?

Need to get all your ducks in a row. :lol: :lol: Oh dear we are back to fowl :lol: :lol: :lol:
All this time I never thought scrummy was a bigamist, just a polygamist :lol:
DF, Im Catholic, not one of that crowd Proteygamists.
Was just kidding, mate - sorry if you took it the wrong way :)