Thank you everyone for your kind posts.  I am home now and recuperating.
I will catch up a little at a time.
I don't think I can be on computer for very long as I feel tired and weak.

Its so nice to have you back! Please take care of yourself and dont rush your recovery! I am looking forward to seeing you in here again...........
Thanks Gulf. I am so happy to see you again......and everyone else on here too... :D

I have to work my way back into it and not go too fast.  
Jessy -- You're back. It has not been the same without you. I hope you are feeling better my friend.
Hi my beautiful friend Carla.  I have 14 messages to get around to in my InBox.  I know you are in there and I will be writing to you.

I am just coming in "in small doses" :wink:  right at the present, but I will get caught up.

Thank you for missing me Carla, it is so nice to be missed and cared for.  You are a friend indeed.

Big hug,
For those who sent wonderful messages to my InBox, I am so happy to see that.  I can't get caught up right now, but I have them replied down to 10 and I will reply to every single one of them within the next couple days.  You are sure one great bunch of loving friends.  I adore you all. 
So glad your on the mend, your a strong lady. missed you big hugs xx  ( oopps sorry if that hurt lol  ) 

OUCH!, haha

Hi dear friend Morton.  I am so glad to be out of that hospital and back at home to post when I want to, etc.

Thank you Morton......

hugs back to you,

PS:  Morton, I think you were my very first friend on this 50Plus Club. :D  
WoooooooHooooooooo, I got all my InBox messages replied to and up to date. 

If I missed anyone, write and give me a "piece of your mind" and I will get right on it.... :lol:

I love my friends on 50Plus Club.

I came here to try one last chance to find another suitable husband.   I didn't find that and probably won't because I am so weird with my "beliefs" etc, but I met the nicest bunch of great female friends I could every hope for.........I am so HAPPYYYYYYYYY   :lol: