Are you for me, am I for you, oh baby, tell me...
do you hunger for my touch, oh please don't flee
I want to wrap my arms around you, squeeze you tight
need your love, my darling, I need it now....tonight!

I won't wait another moment to see your loving face,
can't wait another week, to feel your warm embrace.
I need you now honey, don't you comprehend?
Want you to say "I love you",
 .......don't ask me to be "just a friend".

I don't want to cry, nor will I die, if you want to walk away
but tonight, when getting on my knees, I will really pray...
Ask my Lord about my life if there's anything left to save
And if He says there is my love, I'll know how I'll behave.

Will look for you just everywhere, then knock upon your door
I will give you love, my sweet........... like you've never had before.
Caress your gentle lips with mine, hold you close right here....
I'll bring you to a moment, that you will hold so dear.....
Say yes, right now...
I need your love,
not tomorrow,
but today
If you put a ring upon my'll never regret the day!

 © JessicaB, Wednesday, June 18,2014, 5:35PM

Wow...desperate? :mrgreen: