As probably is well known to the regulars English and its correct use and preservation, is of prime importance to me.

I came across this clip which although very funny demonstrates how important that can be.

If however this post gets pulled I will also know why my "Uncle Wiggly Wings" post was pulled out.
(Ref to Gail Hal Halvorsen, which I rewrote in a different manner)


A good friend sent me this several months ago and I belly laugh every time I watch it!
Thanks for making me giggle again you two!
Broadcaster wrote: If however this post gets pulled I will also know why my "Uncle Wiggly Wings" post was pulled out.
(Ref to Gail Hal Halvorsen, which I rewrote in a different manner)

You claim to have a lot of posts pulled. Regarding the Gail Halvorsen post - I love our country even with it's faults. And while I didn't take offense at the post (considering the timing of it), I am quite the "anti-war hippie" type and couldn't, quite frankly, care less about such posts.

Having said that (and hoping you understand)... this site maintains a very high "politically correct factor" in order to ensure that users, like myself, are not offended by such posts - we are all in different areas of the world and have very different views on such things. Personally I think the admin here does a wonderful job at keeping the house in order.

If I may suggest a re-read of this site's T&C (Terms and Conditions) that were required to be accepted when you signed up? It's here:

Peace, my friend :)
As far as English and all its various and sundry dialects, if you say something to someone and that other someone understands it, you used it correctly. English, like any other language is just sounds to describe or mean something.
Lets say this I know when I put a post there and I know when it disappears. I have not yet caught the "Old timers" , which later turns into "Alzheimer's" or a three second memory Thanks be to Ford

The post referenced to a courageous American pilot who dropped chocolates and candy to war stricken destitute German kids and believed in the cause enough to stand his ground to be court marshaled believing in his principles. Later Hershey's gave all the candy and he was hailed a hero.

I personally at the age of 62 with 2 kids still to raise happen to believe so passionately in Britain that if needed I will take up arms to defend the motherland knowing I won't last 5 minutes. I will if the call comes, despite all the deficiencies that I see in England.

So lets be politically correct and state the following

USA with all its might takes excellent care of all the heroes returning home having defended their beloved country with tooth and nail and the health of all the veterans is in excellent condition.

And as we are so very politically correct, we will therefore also cancel Christmas and wish every one a happy Santa Claus and may all your wishes come true on this Easter bonnie day. Hopefully that is more pleasing.

And friend am a virgin


Having actually taken up arms by volunteering in the service and being involved in the Lebanese civil war for both the US and Britain interest I really don't understand the cynicism.There seems to be a cloud of negativism over this site after reading the various forum this what being over 50 means?
All in the name of political correctness I guess...........However
I do everything I can to bring smiles with jokes