Internet devices

It is already posted in Magazine. It nice for some to have these devices for health reason or disablitiy. But a lot of people take advantage of it as well.

I have seen so many that are in cyber world and not in the real world, they are not paying attention to where they are doing, ignoring the signs like those wide white line (stop line), they even stop beyond the stop sign, they are in so much of a hurry to get home and jump on their devices. While I am waiting for the Transit to come, I have had so many youth or young adults coming and visit me, they were looking for some connection with human. They will mention that "Mom or Dad are on the computer that they are not aware that we are around and need some advice".

Smart screen, they sure name that right, it smart enough to take you into the cyber world and allowing you to forgot the real world.

Cell phones... this sure get me, there is "Distracting" driving laws here and just about anywhere else.. But they found a way to do it, by texting while the cell phone is on their lap, even Bluetooth, they are to busy concentrating on what the person is saying that they are not paying attention of anything around them, seen one not long ago, a pedstrian light was flashing, all traffic stop except one, totally ignore it ane nearly hit a pedstrian, didn't realize that traffic has stop, just kept on trunking. They will park in front the sidewalk ramp for people with wheelchairs or walker, they don't care because it close to the door and in a hurry to get what they need and hurry home, ignorning the speed limits.

These people are so addicted to the internet, mostly "On line dating" site.

What would we do if there were no internet? Should we go back to the basic of living? This is where respect come in, the internet there is no such thing as respect.

There are so many people out there that are looking for ways to connect with family but not getting it.

A lot of people, I think they forget what the brakes are for, or don't know how to use it :lol: they are in so much hurry, that they don't give themselves time, not paying attention to the time. I have no doubt that the interent has distracted them from paying attention to the clock.


Re: Internet devices

I know I forgot to log off last night :lol: