The one thing about iPad and iPhone, when you get a e mail from someone who has those device, it will indicate at the end of the e mail "Send from my iPad" or "Send from my iPhone".

Samsung Galaxy don't have those signature in any e mail system you have. So when someone send me an e mail stating send from my Samsung Galaxy, I know it is from their laptop and they have an iPhone.

Re: iPhone/Ipad

When Griffintatt send me an e mail, it stated "Send from my Samsung Galaxy", I knew right away that he didn't send it on his cellphone as Samsung Galaxy don't leave signatures on e mails. I knew he send it by his regular e mail his laptop he claim to be on when he is in chat. He send me a photo from his laptop which has a web cam, but later tell me that he need to order a web cam when his laptop has web cam?

He also send me a couple more photos, one photo his profile photo number one, there was something off with that photo but he refuse to tell me. Then several weeks later he upload profile photo number two, I seen what was off with profile photo number one. He age significant in those few weeks (not in a few years), he has a lot more grey hair, more fat around his eyes and eye lids, and a noticeable double chin. Unless he has one of those aging disease, then I can understand it.

He also said that he travel across Canada by train, I mention to him, unless he's a hobo he can travel by train, but can travel by "Via" he had no clue what it was until I explained it to him. Not once he describe his experience across Canada, he hasn't share that with me at all, just said he was in Calgary but didn't say for how long or what he did, nor did he tell me about his experience at the Ice Field that he has claim that he been there.

So Griffintatt, it's not easy to remember what you said when you are not telling the truth, it is easy to trip somewhere along the line.

So in the mean time Griff, keep me out of your ploy on what ever games or mind games you are playing :) Just leave me ALONE

As my Grandfather use to say.."I have had it up to my tin ears".