We've gotten into such a technology age that I'm not sure if I should keep sending birthday, anniversary, x-mas cards and such through the mail. My kids send me by text or email, my relatives and their friends do a lot of them that way and they do seem to be easier. I'm just not sure if it is right to just switch over to email cards and not paper ones.
I have found I am more apt to remember and send birthday or event cards if they are electronic. Paper cards need time to travel via snail mail. By then, I have missed my window of opportunity. Plus, some of the new animated cards and texts convey a visual message I can’t capture in a paper card. Be it funny, romantic, professional, or event specific, you can whip up an electronic card/text in minutes, personalize it, and make someone’s day special.
I still send cards through the mail especially for my grandkids so they have tangible memories when they are older. I share my cards and letters with them when they are visiting. I still will text them first thing in the morning on their birthdays so they know I’m thinking of them. Then they receive their card in the mail that day and it makes it even more special.
Technology has made it so easy & convenient to send cards and I do send electronic cards when its something casual. For more close//intimate/personal messages I still send paper cards through the mail. (aka snail mail)
It's just something about writing out your thoughts / greeting that makes it more heartfelt.
I am old-fashioned and I love writing letters and sending cards. I also love receiving letters and cards in the mail (and books!). Email, for me, will never compare with the anticipation and pleasure of opening the mailbox and finding a white envelope with a handwritten message inside. These days I definitely send more emails and instant messages, but I still write Christmas cards and birthday cards for family and close friends.
BD CARD S...YES its nice to recive it...i got over 25 last bd.
I send only sms bd wishes when I forgot it or i am to late with answer.
Ps I have approx 30 penpals a round the world and its always nice to recive a letter from the other end of the world. Special now at the corona time it was interesting to hear how they spend the time. Only some letters had very long and to New Zealand the post dont take letter. From Norwegian a letter had 6 month...but thats not the only how was so long on the way..