Morning, if you folks really want to learn about health and nutrition I suggest you tune into to "Your Health" by Richard Becker, D.O.
He is located on either the World Harvest Television or the Christian Television Network...Monday -Friday.
His show is about teaching the lay public how to become their own physicians.
I am a registered nurse and I have learned so much from watching his show.
Dr. Becker also has you tube videos.
You will not be disappointed.
Welcome to this site. Thank you for informing us of how to learn about our health.
Sorry but it gets a lot more complicated than just eating the right foods. And you have to admit that a lot of us have conditions that don't allow us to eat some of these good for us foods. If you are taking warfarin you can't have foods with vitamin K in them. You can't have oranges or grapefruit with some medication. So If you are 20 and doing everything right you might still be doing it at 65, or 95. Chances are more likely your life will be a juggling act of what goes with what and when it can or can not. And I haven't even mentioned allergies.