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Postby Daisy53 » 01.08.2017, 20:44

Is anyone on here having a long distance relationship ? I have been in mine for nearly 2 years, and just getting more and more confused by my feelings. We both have commitments so can't live together, so how do everyone else cope ?

Postby FlirtyBill70 » 02.08.2017, 0:12

I too was in a long distance relationship with a married 34 yo mother of an 8 year old son from the USA, it lasted just under 2 years ( 22 months) to be exact. I was also a married man with 2 boys and a daughter. We were making plans to live in together but we could'nt find the right answer on which way to go ie for her to move here or visa versa, in the end we decided that I should go over there and spend a few days with me staying in a hotel nearby and she would make sneaky visits when he was'nt around and we would take it from there. During our earlier conversations she did'nt like the way her husband went about his daily business sayiing that he carry's guns in his truck all the time and also has a stash in the home apparently this is the normal in that part of the states, anyway he checked her computer out and came across what we were planning well all hell broke loose at her end, we did'nt get the chance to chat again until she sent me an e-mail about two weeks later begging for me to come over there I reluctantly said no because of the situation this has all caused and it would be better for the two of us if we let things cool down for awhile, she was actually broken hearted of the way we had to part company. The e-mails kept on coming for the next six weeks or so every message expressing how sad she was for not getting to talk to each other again, it broke my heart also but I think it was the best decision for both of us, if I did go over there the chances are that I would'nt be coming back, he (Hubby) would have made that decision alone. So the moral to this story is to check out the background of the others partner not only your lovers one before making any committments to online partnerships, online loving each other is safe and can be good to help with stress related problems or lonliness or just for fun,,,,,as they say Live and Enjoy FlirtyBill70
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Postby blackwidow » 02.08.2017, 2:38

interesting subject....i tend to think long-distance relationships are good for 6 months or so,, then both should decide if they want to be next to each other. If one says no,, then i would tend to think that one of them is married and that is a NO-NO in my book. if you are married and have a relationship outside of it,, that is bad in my opinion, you should have filed for divorce. i know some situations are difficult because of one being handicapped or unable to be alone and that i can accept. life is short, live for today, but NEVER compromise your values and morals. good luck on your long distance relationship II
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