I had it once and I had it twice, would once more be too much?
Will you love me like the others? Will I tremble with your touch?
I know I am ready for you dear, I see you when I sleep...
Feel your kisses on my cheeks, each time that I weep.
Sometimes I hear a whisper that ripples through the trees
I think it says your wonderful and always aim to please...
So anxious, yes I am my sweet, cause I know that you are there
Hurry and find your way to me, in answer to my prayer.
I will wait for you tomorrow and all the days to come,
Cause I got you in my heart today, and I know that you're the one...
I'll say hello when I hear your voice, send kisses just for you
Just think my darling, from now on, we'll never more be blue.
They died and left me all alone,
I thought it was the end
but God said "no dear Jessy"
"your heart is on the mend"
Open your arms.. wait right there,
he's on his way
with a Love that's "rare"....

 © Jessy B, 9:02 PM, Saturday, May 03, 2014
 that is a beautiful Jessy 
brittney wrote:  that is a beautiful Jessy 

Thank you Brittney. :D  
you are an inspiration in never to give up hope .. Thank you 
Polly63 wrote: you are an inspiration in never to give up hope .. Thank you 

Thank you Polly, my friend, you are such a doll...

hugs, Jessy