Marijuana been use for many generations, even before us seniors were even born.
So.. why did the law pass to carry 30 MG of that stuff? Why was JT brother plead wasn't denied?

I think everyone will do it, they will go ahead and use Tobacco, and Alcoho as welll.... They are just going to do it.

So put in the law to protect our kids, that a nice way to start, yes parents been giving their kids (minors) this stuff, but they will learn from children services, they will have to clean themselves up and take classes just to get their kids back, even their unborn child is addicted to it, that child after birth will be taken from it's mother and in care of Children services. That where the power of the Government comes in, take your child away from you and if you want that child back, you have to follow their protocol to get that child back. Ever heard of crack babies?

We all have a "Free will" on this planet, we have choices to make, Natural and Logic consequences of our actions.

Even those who live in UK ... yes cerb, I have no doubt you have some hidden people there that are smoking it, so how aware are you of your own country that is doing this stuff? Party time, a private party, they are doing it then too, they only invite certain friends, they will all pass out one by one and wake up in the morning wondering where they are, but as they do this so often, they give up on wondering where they are and just carry on their day as usual.

When I walk the dogs, usually around May to the last day of school and to wards the end of late September, the green belt is full of broken beer bottles, or Alcohol bottles as it is discussing, so how did they get it? As they are minors and you are not allow to sell to minors, or even give it to them. (Yes I know how they got it).

So, Educate your kids about all three of those legal to adults stuff
i really do not think marijuana is bad ..just sad enough people get to abuse ......taking a hit doesn't makes you mentally down..
It is not legal in most of the world except Uruguay and Canada, although I believe limited medical use is allowed in many US states. It is illegal here in the UK and I give a link to advice from our National Health Service ... the-facts/
Ignorance of subject overwhelms logical discussion.
Justin Trudeau introduced the bill to decriminalise marijuana in order to win an election, leading to thousands of young people voting for what is elsewhere in the world an unlawful narcotic. . Not only that, but the freedom of access to the drug is enticing youngsters and the vulnerable to partake in the habit, moreso that drivers are operating their vehicles under the influence and subsequently insurance companies have hiked up the premiums and still many are hoarding huge amounts of the substance in their homes. It's just asking for trouble, in my opinion.
So they will all get drunk?
tazwriter wrote: So they will all get drunk?

If they can afford to, I suppose, after buying their car insurance :lol:
In my opinion, non-medical marijuana is equal to other drugs, for example, cocaine. I think that people who are addicted need urgent help from special rehab centers like this one to be able to get rid of this addiction. It's really sad people think taking drugs is some kind of usual activity.
Marji u Wanna.
Yes she does Scrum. LOL