Hello everybody hopefully i can take up a little of your time. I am a student researching media and society. I have a few interview questions I will post up and please feel free to answer whichever ones you'd like to. I really appreciate any answers you give me. When recording responses I will not include any of your personal information. Please do feel free to give any opinions you have. What records did you listen to in your teens and young adulthood? Who was your favorite recording artist? What kind of record player did you have and where was it in your home? We're there parental limitations on music? How did you find out about artists you listened to? Tells me about some experiences with radio. What did you listen to? When? What was it like when fm radio became available? Do you remember any educational programs? What was it like when tv became available? Where did you watch your first tv program? What was it like? What was reception like? How did tv change your home life? Do you remember anything about the tv show scandals? Compare tv experiences en and now. What were your first moviegoing experiences like and compare it to today. What were some of your favorite films and why. Do you remember Anything about AJ Jolson and the first talkies? Tell me about the excitement surrounding gone with the wind? What if anything, were you not allowed to watch. Please feel free to answer anything you'd like !