For all the lovely mothers celebrating mothers day today x 
For everyone celebrating today

To all the lovely Mothers on this site
Thanks Ladies, I hope you're all enjoying the day too.
Chocolate again!!!
I sense Gwynnie's involvement here
You lot do know  sex and chocolate gives off the same pleasure chemical? 

What it does:
Phenylethylamine triggers the release of dopamine in the pleasure centers of the brain. This chemical is released during sex and peaks at orgasm. Curiously, it is also one of the chemicals found in chocolate.

My son gave me a picture frame (asked and hinted for)
do love choccies though.
so now you know why men load you with chocolate,it is purely for selfish reasons lol
I don't care what their motives are Jaffa, I'll take the chocolate :lol:

My son once told me that a sneeze produces the same brain pattern as an orgasm :lol: :lol:
Happy Mother's Day to everyone