hi anyone out there with a motorhome looking for some company and to share the driving.
does not matter what size as Im an ex bus driver 8)
I have a motor home but no one to go with I would love to travel especially in the Oregon and Washington I'm window 37 years of being married I'm true and loyal and I like to be friends start retired phrase for wonderful kids do not like texting lol
oh my Billybob,, that would be nice,, especially if your gorgeous hound came with !! you are cute also,, don't get me wrong............wish i could accompany you, but alas,, am stuck in Arizona with a mortgage and thankfully dogs who pulled me through after becoming widowed 8 yrs ago. Welcome to 50Plus, you will like it here, and please try our "quiz" on Sunday's 1pm Arizona time, it is very fun and educational !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!