Hello all!

I am a merchant mariner and work on an oil field supply vessel in the Gulf of Mexico.
Hi everyone! I am a Drug Development statistician at Pfizer in San Diego, CA. Yes, a statistician. I have heard every bad statistics joke there is and my comment is - more jobs for me! My other work activities are tutoring math/statistics, prepare taxes for HRBlock during tax season, and baking desserts. Life is to short to not have jobs you like!
I have the best job retirement it is great no more running around like headless chicken now all I do is decide were am I fishing today lol
I am a screening manager for a internet based company that specializes in 1 to 1 marketing .
I am a Court Administrator for a State Judge in Texas
:D Hi, i drove 18 wheeler all over usa, for 15 years, and now working at Nobbies super party store, for last two, it's a store were they have stuff for all birthday needs, like candels, napkins, streamers , and then we a bridal section too, with all your bridal needs, also we have a big line of paper plates, plastic plates all colors of the rainbow, right now since 3 months ago, we are getting sales floor ready for halloween, 4500 coustumes hang up on the sales floor and pegged all the all the acc, we are the biggest in the state Iowa, myself i just work in the warehouse, they say my memory is outa this world, cause we have shelves 6 levels deep too the ceiling or 34 feet high, 5 shelves, 3900 bin boxes and i can tell ya what in every box with the need for a computer,they miss me when i have a day off, :wink: Everett. :D
Hello all,

I've been split into 2 different areas: Admin - hospitality, health care, freight forwarding (not too far from you Truckmen!) and Teaching (language schools). Got money from Admin and joys from Teaching. Am currently with a foreign mission in Brazil and nourish the hope of migrating to the field of Humanitarian Affairs, which I believe may be a good balance.

I am retired from the corporate world but have an internet business that I am building. I will holding my first free teleseminar probably the first part of April. I will teach how to contact the angels/spirits and to have them help you in your daily life. Spirits have contacted me since I was 5-8 years old giving me messages for myself and others. Everyone is psychic but some people are just not aware of it. I love to help others discover their psychic abilities.
I'm retired, no more alarm clocks, no more traffic jams, no more waiting forever for a bus, oh, how I miss it :D
Hello all. I am self employed and work as an Information Technology Project Manager. It's really all about leadership and people skills, the technical part is easy. I started off as a programmer/analyst and worked my way up the ranks. I enjoy the challenges at work that keep things interesting, can't see myself retiring any time soon.
I'm a Facilities Manafer at a defence establishment
I was happy to take early retirement in 2007 from a 42 year career in corporate banking, where I looked after the banking needs of large businesses. While I missed my customer contacts, I was happy to leave the banking world which has more recently taken a battering publicly for practices which would not have been allowed prior to the deregularisation of banks during the Thatcher regime when greed was positively encouraged. Also I got a good pension deal which is not so good for those retiring now!
I am still active and very energetic so I work part time in the cash office of my local Morrisons supermarket, as well as doing all at home since my wife suffers from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and rests much of the time.
This club has been good for me as a way of making new good friends to chat to when I am alone.
I work full-time as an admin. assistant and have 2 part-time jobs in sales.
My career is changing. I've been a lawyer for almost 25 years, and a few years ago i started writing books about the law. I'm now going into my 5th book (all published) and spend most of my time giving talks and seminars. :)