Do you sign a guestbook when you visit a profile?

It is so nice to see someone put a nice comment in your guest book, try it and you will be surprised how nice people respond to that.  I have some lovely friends from visiting their profile.

I like to let people know that I am visiting their profile, not by being nosy, but because I find them interesting.  Some of the ladies are so beautiful.  I just can't help but look at them and admire their photos.  The men are great too.  One has a picture of himself behind a "picture frame" and his comment is "I've been framed".  I thought that was priceless!  His name is NightSounds. Check him out, he is awesome.
Jessy, that is a good suggestion, but remember not all of us are premium members. I for one can only comment five times a day. So if I visit your profile and dont leave a message, understand it had nothing to do with what I liked or just is.