For those who suffer with pains, this might be the stuff for you to try. It is a Canadian product.

Someone gave me a sample bottle of it and I sure like it, I tried a lot of stuff but nothing work like this product does. It works wonder for those who have Fibromyalgia, M.S. Arthritis as well.

I suffer really bad with fibromyalgia ,back and shoulder pain, ive tried everything to ease it but nothing works,im very sceptical about these things how long does it last for when you have rubbed it in? please.
I will have to try that Oil....I have been wanting to try "Wild Lettuce Extract" they say it's as effective as Opioids (not sure I believe that) but it's worth a try.
I have always had bad joints mostly because of past injuries but last year I was putting up an antenna and fell off the roof LOL...landed on the rock landscaping I have..I fractured my right hip and it's still giving me a lot of pain. I guess when we get older we don't heal/mend as easy as we used to. I hope you find some relief
I will highly recommend Mayo Clinic, Rochester , USA MN for a pain treatment. The program is 3 weeks, success is 90%.
I am in Alberta, we have a program "Row your own boat" they help you to get your mind off pain, which it work.

When in pain, close your eyes and think of a place you like to be, it could be on a beach, it could be in the mountain, what ever fancy you, think of that.

I live in pain all the time, so I just ignore them now.