Pampering your self, does well for your health. And pampering can be in many ways and forms. I don't wear makeup, or perfume. But I do like Body lotions some of those can do wonders for the skin. I don't get to the salon to get my hair done on a weekly basis. Usually it is a massage once a year and a pedicure. For my Birthday, also weekly flowers during my Birthday month. But this year, I know that I deserve better. Hoping to do more for me this year. Home pedicures and manicures. Also a massage at least twice this year.

Exercise, walking and swimming, can also be a way to pamper one self. To relax the mind and tone the body.

Fresh cut flowers, are a simple way to bring a smile.
Pampering is form of self love. This is what I learn, to take care and love myself first. I do once a month massage, acupuncture once a week, and of course nails, hair, face. And the best is to take time for myself in any form-quiet mornings, walking....