Patience teaches us to sow the seed in the form of right actions and to allow the fruits of those actions to ripen in their own time.

I don't need to think about the future benefits of what I do now, because I know I will receive what I need when the time is right.

If I let go of expectations and allow things to develop in their own time, I will be able to enjoy what I am doing in the present, and the future will automatically become good.
Good post.
I wholeheartedly agree with this. We are continuously creating our own future, and we are always at choice.
For me patience is not trusting in my circumstances but waiting for the promises that I have received by word from my higher power who has promised me a future filled with hope and that He is working all things together for my good. It is not easy to be patient when the storms of life come rolling in like a cyclone, but I am not in control and my higher power is. What may not seem like a blessing today will be in the future because of His faithfulness to His promises. So I walk by faith, that is by hearing His word, and not by sight. This is how I remain patient.