I find myself in the unique position of having 5 flowering dogwood tree babies (really they're just wee twigs barely weaned from their mother's sap).

But in landscaping my postage stamp size yard I'd much rather they be shrubs and would like to try to make them shrubs. Have any of you done this before and can you offer any hints or suggestions for success?
Go for Bleeding heart?
lol... yes that's one of many blooming things I like. I love Hostas as well but the trees I do let grow will have to provide some shade before I can have any of those.

I did notice a fuchsia bush growing unauthorized by the fence and right on top of a nice fern. I want to keep that but transplant it so it can get bigger, and the fern could use more shade.

Truth is, I love planting things. I'll see if I can't get a few more pics up in my gallery.
Bleeding heart, my friend daughter grew them and she had them in the sun, they are one hearty plant that is for sure. With them being in the sun, her's grew much better than mine in the shade. She grew hers in one of those big potting thing.
Well I'm in luck then, I have one of those big potting things! :D Actually it's a big planter box and I plan to have several more in the yard before I'm done.
The secret to those bleeding heart is not to over water it, the love moist\damp soil, not wet soil.