Re: People check smartphones 253 times a day on average

gwynnie wrote: I think it is rude to leave the TV on when you have guests. is my idea of the perfect and me. You answer the phone...and I turn the TV on. LOL

Re: People check smartphones 253 times a day on average

MaryK0517 wrote: it is rude to divert your attention from the person/people you're with

That's the point I was making. Respect people enough to give them your full attention. Thanks for supporting my point.

Re: People check smartphones 253 times a day on average

Ahh Rod, that may be what you meant, but it isn't what you said. You were talking specifically about phones and asking people to turn them off in their own homes when you visit. I think we can all agree that we should not be rude. Perhaps where we differ is in our opinion of exactly what constitutes rudeness. For me asking your hosts to behave in a particular way is not polite. In your own home you may do as you wish, permit them to do the same. If you object, don't visit. :D

Re: People check smartphones 253 times a day on average

Gwynnie: we could lecture each other on manners all day and not make any progress. I agree with you, we should all try to be polite. Seems our ideas of what that means differ. You make it sound like a demand. I've never yanked the phone cord out of anyone's wall. lol

Let me offer an analogy. Restaurant...we have our private booth. Somehow I got sat down with you. We have yet to get into a very tense argument. So far so good. In fact...amazing. So we're talking...then someone else sits down at the table with us...uninvited. Conversation disrupted. And disrupted conversations do not necessarily return to what was. Telephone is about that bad, in my opinion. You'd never agree, I know. I'm not nearly as addicted to those things as many people are.

I need to add a little 'hee hee'. If surgical implantation of a telephone was no need to even reach for one...many women would go for it. Right? :-)

Re: People check smartphones 253 times a day on average

hmmm. My income thrives on knowing the ins and outs of current and future technologies. I just got rid of the last landline (btw have useful info at end), replaced my cordless phones with one that uses my bluetooth cell connection and still provides the landline wireless capability at home.

I thrive on the changes and anxiously await the star trek TNG communication devices.

As far as answering calls, I will only interrupt conversations if Mom is calling :), all others will be sent to voice mail. For the most part 20+ generations follow the same courtesy. As for emails and text notifications I will usually set to vibrate or DND when in conversation, however, revenue generation must always take priority.

As for WIFI, well it's safer than running a microwave (no longer own a microwave, it kills live food and people). You get more RF and HFRF when you walk outside, pesky cell towers and public WIFI is everywhere. You can protect yourself by wrapping your body with tin foil or copper wire screen and keeping it grounded using a chain as you walk around.

When cancelling the last landline I was offered the landline at half the price, telco's don't want to lose revenues. I told them that only Mom, survey companies, charitable orgs and bogus windows tech support were calling, Mom now calls the cell. I guess they finally realize some revenue is better than none.

Re: People check smartphones 253 times a day on average

getbacktomountainbiking wrote: "You can protect yourself by wrapping your body with tin foil..."

It's easy to mock the danger inherent in microwave exposure.

It's equally easy to find scientific research papers that warn of health hazards, like this one in the journal Experimental Oncology: "Long-Term Exposure to Microwave Radiation Provokes Cancer Growth; Evidences From Radars and Mobile Communication Systems".

That article talks about long-term low-level exposure, which is exactly what WIFI is.

Any time science goes up against tends to lose. That doesn't mean the science is faulty. It generally means that a lot of people are being paid to lie on behalf of businesses. The bigger the bucks to be made, the more likely there is to be deceit in terms of public information. I don't believe WIFI businesses have much in the way of ethics.

Re: People check smartphones 253 times a day on average

Was not mocking, tin foil and copper screen are what we use to isolate and test RF equipment from the rest of the noise bombarding the world and its residents. Considering it works so well for that, it can protect individuals also. In saying that I do not recommend wrapping yourself in tin foil and walking in front of a fully powered magnetron, you would be protected from the RF but the tin foil would be instantly heated and well... :)

As a sidebar, the earth has been bombarded by RF and other visible and not so visible radiations ever since our star was first ignited. Solar flares, when the big ones occur, cause all sorts of problems with our technology, imagine what it is doing to the life on the planet. Its a good thing the earth is protected by Magnetic Fields out beyond 22000 miles. Only a "small" portion of the RF and IR comes through, however, it is still more than that emitted by WIFI, Cell Towers, Wireless Phones, Microwave ovens, local digital TV broadcast towers. These powerful signals have been bombarding the earth and its inhabitants for a long long time, yet through all the generations, humans have adapted and are living longer and healthier lives.

Denying WIFI, cell, wireless phones and microwave ovens in your home for the sake of steering clear of low power RF and HFRF is like a fart in the wind. The signals penetrating the walls from neighbors WIFI, Cell, Wireless phones and microwave ovens, including the nearby cell towers, radio and TV towers, public WIFI, Emergency service vehicle radios and the more potent signals originating from space including the GPR (ground penetrating radar), Military, GPS, radio and TV broadcast satellites, these would still reach anyone in the dwelling.

All is not lost. To get away from most of these harmful signals, moving the entire human population to locations 1 KM beneath the earth surface would be one way to get away from the risk. I said most, there are still other signals that can penetrate the solid rock. :(

Other more modern non-conventional and non-traditional studies indicate a shift is in play on the human DNA which is affording us with the ability to reject and absorb the signals to suite our needs. This may sound way out. Alas you need be outside the box and leave conventional politicized profit oriented science behind or at least put it beside you on a new journey.

In the meantime, I will continue to check my "somewhat intelligent" phone, 1 to 2 dozen times a day and enjoy the evolving technologies without limitation of location, wire length or the dangers of tripping over my connectivity and communication options.

Lots of fodder for other topics of discussion in here.