I know the Government will send you a letter first and get you to call them, if in doubt, check the Government website for phone number to find out (link provided below). But a friend of mine gotten a phone call, stating they are from Revenue Canada and threaten her that the R.C.M.P will take her away with handcuffs because she refuse to have her house investigate by Revenue Canada. :roll:

I also been having problem with my email, when I been trying to log on, I have to answer a few questions to confirm it me :x . This went on for a few days and finally I gotten an e mail alert stating who been trying to access my e mail account. It was a relief that they found out who doing it as it was annoying trying to identify myself every morning. :P One day it was 5 times I had to identify myself :oops: Also someone been trying to access this account as I get a notice saying how many fail login attempt.

If they want my phone number, I will give it to them....
1-800-GET-LOST :lol:
Thank you for the information. I personally do not give my phone #, or my email address to just anyone easily. But good information to keep us all alert.
I like your phone #...Loll