How do I say good bye
How do I say my final goodbye
to my best friend my love.
I look back on memories &sigh,
of our lives together cut so short.
Our time together is a box,
of memories that we share.
Now it is time to pack it away,
with much sadness and .care,
The way you said" I love you",
from morning till night.
Your warm hand in mine,
eyes held a sparkle of light.
Time for me to let you go,
say good bye my love be free
This is the only way I know,
my heart so heavy it aches.
You were my heart and soul,
our time was so short.
You gave of yourself to all you knew,
a happy caring loving sort.
Your eyes held a sparkle,
your so amusing smile.
You gave love from the heart,
it was part of your awesome style.
This disease came into our world,
it took you so quickly away.
My heart holds my tears back,
I turn a balloon free this day.
( I love you forever and a day
in memory of my Fred )
May 05 13
So sorrry!!!  It is a very touching poem...  Tears in my eyes...
So very sorry for your loss. Very hearted poem. Be Strong and remember to SMILE everyday!
Wing sorry for your loss. Beautiful poem.
thank you ladies
It a beautiful poem and brings tears to my eyes