I wrote this after my Son became a father. I ran it in the local paper.
Enjoy. :wink:


What is a Son?
I was a Son.
My Dad was a Son.

What do Sons do?
Do not do what I have done.
I watched my Dad and his Sons.
Try hard to just be you.

Words which are hardly ever spoken aloud.
Linger in every Son’s mind.
How am I doing?
Do I make you proud?

Son of mine.
For me you came just in time.
I have been smiling about you since the moment I saw you.
I think of you all the time.

You are my Son.
You are a son of mine.
You make me proud all of the time.

My Son you now have a Son
Share with your son
And I can’t tell you why,
But it’s ok to have a good cry.

When you tuck him into bed.
Plant the seed of a proud Dad in his head.

Wow,  great....   :)