puter is really slowwwwwwwwwww

Hi, i have Microsoft Essentials Security and it is not working. I went on line for the so-called "free" computer cleaners to no avail. Does anyone have a "free" site that would get rid of the ickies on my computer and make it run smoother ? I would appreciate it greatly !!! Thank you !

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Spybot and Avast are both good, and free. You might also try a defrag and make sure your recycle bin is empty. I had the same problem last week, I had downloaded a game (I know, I know... a big no, no) and it kept running in the background, I finally re-set my system to the week before and that worked. It deleted everything I'd downloaded over the previous week, but didn't effect any documents. Hope that helps.

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thank you APPLEMAC,,,,it took awhile, but i actually got to my beloved crossword puzzle after. It is still running slow,, but i will defrag when i leave here,, hopefully that will speed things up, and i won't forget to empty my recycle before doing it. Thank you again !!!

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blackwidow wrote: get rid of the ickies on my computer and make it run smoother

First thing I'd do is see what programs/processes are running, which in Windows you can do with Task Manager (invoked with Ctrl-Alt-Delete). You should be able to see from the process list what's soaking up cycles. If your system is not running smoothly, something is. You should acquaint yourself with that list, and try to understand what each item is. (You ought to be able to Google each one, to get an idea.)

I would start with the ones (on Processes tab) where User Name is you...not System. But it's possible the bad is running as System.

Task Manager also allows you to kill processes. If you terminate one, and see that your computer is working better...that may be your problem.

As for controlling what starts running...
That will start the System Configuration Utility
and look at the Startup and Services tabs. You can prevent something from starting (next computer boot) by unchecking its box.

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This may help - it's a two part series of articles I wrote some time back about things like virii, spamware, malware and more (and how to protect yourself)...

Part 1 is at http://tinyurl.com/pvunbfa

Part 2 is at http://tinyurl.com/nhcutgz

You can access the entire Fish-BYTES! archive (ever-growing) at http://tinyurl.com/pmqgcby

Hope this helps!


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thank you Rod and Daddy !!!! you are all awesome.......

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Let us know how things go :)

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All good advice, one more thing to note is: dust inside the chassis and in those computer cooling fins. More times than enough, I have popped the cover, outside, pulled out a can of compressed air and provided the computer with room to breath. What usually happened: the youthful glow of the fast computer came back. Even laptops need a good blowing out periodically.

BTW, according to some of my paranoid friends, Spybot and Avast are both spyware which seem to slow down computers, I just think their software is always checking everything. I use M$ Security Essentials, reason: all third party vendors need to connect into the operating system, Security Essentials is part of the OS.

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Thank you for your advice getbacktomountainbiking. I totally agree with you.