Anyone like to ski or snowboard?
If so let's arrange to meet at a good spot like Jackson Hole or Le Massive
Ah, that another winter sport that I miss... sorry no can do, bum knee. Hope you will have luck in finding someone.
I ski in the Sierras, but we have no snow as of yet! We are waiting impatiently...I just got new Atomica boots and can't wait to break them in. Parabolic skis are my new favorites. I am not into snowboarding, I believe it ruins the snow for everyone else, but my feelings may be affected by an out of control snowboarder that would have scalped me if I hadn't had a helmet on. Where do you like to ski?
Well come on up here, lots of fresh snow to do that  :D  I don't ski, got a bum knee.  wish I could ski as it is a health sport and lots of fresh air too!!
I know you are slightly out of commission, stardaisy...but please tell me about the best resorts
Lots of Nevadans go to Jackson Hole when the snow is bad in the Sierras, but when we get our snow, we have much more to offer; Squaw, Alpine, NorthStar, Mount Rose, there are no words to describe the beauty of Lake Tahoe. Homewood is an underrated gem. I ski with K2's but I want new, lighter weight parabollics, probably 160's because I don't do double black diamonds much anymore. I like blue bird ski days, and if it's not a nice day, the powder must be above the thigh for me to be truly happy.
The majestic of the Canadian Rockies are really breath taking.  There are lots of skiing slopes here too.  The 1988 olympic was in where everyone say "God's Country"  :D  we already got the snow and skiing is really busy right now.   :D