She is going to have a complete knee replacement on Monday, 11/21/2016. I know she would love to hear us all ask how it went and when she could start riding horses and dancing again !!

Jesus will help you, as He is being helping, all the time. You are a good girl, and God loves you so much.

I am sure you will be better very soon. Just rest, and do everything as they say.

Jesus has a plan. Remember the story of Job. Just keep the faith, girl.



P.S.: blackwidow thank you very much for this post.
Thank all of you so very much. You are. Iike I have said before,..angels. You make me very happy, and yes I love to ride. I too will be glad to regain, my strength. Have any of you ever have a midnight picnic? You must try it somenight. Nothing compares to that. A candle, a good partner, lots of trust and love. Aaahhh. Makes my little heart go peter Soft music, holding hands and watching the fir
hey SWEET,,, you didn't mention how the knee replacement went ???
I, for one, have very cute knees!
Knee surgery went very well. 3 and a half hours after surgery, I was up walking without an assistance. I'm a tough ole bird. Can't keep us country girls down for long. Hugs to all of you. : :
My knee is several shades of purple and blue and some others that I don't quiet know how to
Thank all of you for thinking of me, and your prayers. I feel truly blessed to have met such nice people.
you are funny, interesting and down to earth. that is RARE in today's world. I will try to keep you entertained as well as give you a hug, or moral support. Friendship means alot to me. Ihope that you are having a great day. Nancy aka/Sweetkiss63
Nan, keep the faith, everything is a miracle.

Cats are healing you so good, such faithful creatures.

Also the 50 Plus people are praying and wishing you the best and sending you positive energies.