After losing my guy, I downsized to a much smaller yard. Previous Owner, who couldn't get along with the neighbors, in a drunken rage, tore up the entire back yard gardens and put down river rock. And I've waited patiently for a year to see what would emerge. I'm really glad I did.

I had plans for a certain type of planter beds made up of the blooming things I left behind at the home we shared. But what's emerging is a very eclectic mix of unusual and wild flowers. These wild flowers growing up through the rock is something I'm embracing. I'm liking the look of this wild, natural garden.

The daisies have a strong presence.

These also are coming up everywhere. I haven't been able to find out what they are.

I lucked out with this oxalis which seems to be clumping rather than spreading.

Then there's this which I totally can't find anything about.

What's come up after the annihilation? Ferns, Foxglove, a Fuchsia bush, Cocosmia, Wild Iris, Flowering Poppies, Daisies, Oxalis, Calla Lilies, Snapdragon, and a thriving Tea Tree shrub which the deer take the blooms like they're candy. There's also those perfectly blue wild things and interesting bright pink blooms on those celery colored stalks, above.

Had I been impatient and tilled up the yard to establish new beds I would have missed out on everything previous owners purposely planted.
Joce, I had one of those, can't remember what it is called but they spreadlike wildfire. I have downsized twice in the last 12 years. The last time a few months before I lost my husband. I knew I couldn't manage the garden so I had the flower border concreted - yes! I have filled them with colourful pots which I can tend to from a chair. Maybe the previous owner couldn't cope either.
Wildflowers are lovely, but don't last long and everything can then look untidy for the rest of the season.


Okay Gwynnie, which one, the pink one or the delicate blue ones? The blue ones are really spreading. 'm sure the heat will burn them up but they'll come back when the rains come back.

I'll be putting in Butterfly Bush, Weigela, Hydrangea, Trumpet Vine, Lilac bush, Asters, and probably some Rhodies, all of which tone down the wildflowers to look more like a domesticated garden. And once the trees I plant get big enough for shade (yes, he took down 3 trees, I'm glad I didn't have to watch it all happen) I'll be planting some Hostas.

I love plants in pots. I have several things now that I want to re-establish in big planter boxes out front. What's in your pots? Looks like you have some purple Iris that's thriving.
I meant the purply ones in the last photo. Mine isn't looking its best yet, just put in some bedding and fuschias which haven't got started yet. We had a mini summer in March and now we have March temperatures in May. Plants don't know if they are coming or going, never mind the rest of us :) The hardy fuschias started to sprout and then a few weeks later a frost came along and killed all the new growth. The yellow tub in the first pic has a lovely, lilac mini azalea which has just finished. Quite a big, spectacular mini red one is in flower now, out of the picture. I have two tubs filled with lilies, one yellow, one orange, which are well on their way and a couple of peonies which got to stay in the ground. I am wondering if your previous owner actually planted yours or if they have blown in. Someone in our village started a wildflower patch and put wildflower seeds in, what came up is very similar to what you have.
That odd looking plant will just remain a mystery then. I'll have to keep my eye on it to make sure it won't try to kill me in my sleep. :D I think you're right, that all these wildflowers were established by the wind or the birds, which means the maniac destroyed much of the original garden and it's evolving.

I have tried to keep azaleas alive and they just do NOT like me, I can kill one faster than anyone. And I'd forgotten about that round spot out there full of peonies, I'm thinking those can't be killed, they were the first things to bloom last year, before all this new stuff this year.

I like those day lilies. They just bloom and bloom and don't ask for much care at all.

And this makes 5, nothing more now till afternoon, late night for you. :)
The blue one is "Love in a mist"
You are wonderful! Thank you so much! :D
Joceannora: I think you will find the plant with the magenta flowers and grey foliage is Lychnis variety coronaria.
:shock: I lured Roy out of the Humour & Games Forum?!

Roy, you just wanted me to tell you you're wonderful. Well you ARE wonderful. Thank you for your knowledge and for visiting Home & Garden. :D