I think next time I go shopping I am going to pick up the ingredients for this tonic and make it.  I know it is powerful by what is going into it so if my tender stomach can handle it I sure want to give it a try.  I love anything natural and I love getting away from our reliance on the corner pharmacy.  Make sure after you watch the video you turn the pages for more info on it....Fern

http://offgridquest.com/health-nutritio ... erful-natu 
This sound interesting, I was told to be careful of herbs. So I use aloe gel and drink it with natural juice (without to much sugar). It is good and will heal your body as well as the tender tummy. If you are going to try it, make notes and see if there are any changes.
I have used aloe vera for years.  No sugar that defeats the purpose....put it in v8 or carrot juice if you don't like the taste. I do and  yes it is a great healer inside and out.  In the summer I keep a bottle of the gel beside me to stop the itch of mosquito bites.  I find it works better than anything from the pharmacy.
Cool Fern, I grow the plant myself so I use it a lot for cuts, burn and ect. It one of the greatest thing that grow on earth.