about Friday.

Friday was so called by the Romans as Fry Day - the day the Roman chef Paulinus Holidaycus invented Fish and Chips and would "fry" them.

In the 18th century, when technology was invented to cool food at below room temperatures, the day was named "Fridge" day, but was abbreviated to Friday because the letters D and G hadn't yet been discovered.

The Vikings called it Friday after the Norse shield-maiden god, Frida - a female counterpart of Odin. Later, HeirotDay (pronounced: Thrida Day).

This year (2018) Christmas Day falls on a Friday. The Catholic church insists this will not be unlucky, even though it will occur on the 13th.
I always say that it is bad luck to be superstitious! :lol:
i carried a black cat under a ladder to test the theory, gra