Something that I could never do
Why would you want to? Looked better as a tree
We have people here that do this and do it well, They use black poplar because it doesn't crack unfortunately it rots fast. Back east they use butternut (white walnut) and it does crack. 
Fits right in with our nice while it lasts world.

Certainly not a country setting, coyotes and coons are hated. Bears and birds are more popular here.
Nice work all the same if a bit Disney .
Well, as an artist I have to say I admire his talent and a whole abundance of that he certainly does have.  But as someone that loves nature I found it sad also.  I wondered why the original tree had been cut down to a mere large stump.  Was it for the intention of doing his art or was there something wrong with the tree.  It didn't look diseased and well, call me a tree hugger but I just like things in more of a natural state.  But as I said at the beginning, he certainly has a great deal of talent so perhaps he could direct it towards something else in a different way without doing damage to nature.  It's just my thought...Fern
There was a lady that live in a city near me, they ask her to remove the stump, she didn't want to, so she turn it into an art show just like that video, eventually the stump had to be remove due to the rotting roots and fall, so she had a museum come and take her stump and she was happy about that, her art was of owls.

Lots of times trees will die, and will not bear new leaves so people will do an art show just like that video.
I love trees to and it is important to me to keep them alive but some times the tree will not bear new leaves in the spring due to lack of water or other reason. But I think it is awesome to see some creative art go into trees and be saved for that reason.