went to an interview and was told to park in a "visitors" parking garage in downtown phoenix. went back to the garage to leave, approached the exit that is blocked with an automated arm type thingy. i put my ticket in the slot, the screen said $3.00 - cool...there wasn't a person there or a slot to put money in. THEN i read the sign that said "no cash, credit cards only". i don't do the credit card thing so i backed up,, went around the entire place looking for another outlet to no avail, that was the only way out. WTF !!! i went back to the only way out,, i saw a help button that i could push,,a person answered and asked what the problem was... i said i only have cash.....all of the sudden the arm thingy raised up and i was allowed to exit......i asked where i should send the money to and there was silence,, so i left,, now i feel guilty...whoever owns that garage is probably losing alot of money i am thinking ? whatever,, that's my big adventure (i am a boring person,, sorry)
the person you were probably talking to is just an employee and does care one way or another
i use to drive a motorcycle and always snuck around the arm :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:  
BW, U owe Uncle Sam 3bux, can u see all the satelites pointed your way.
oopsy,, totally hit the wrong button SCRUMMY,,, i meant to reply but instead hit the "report this post",, sorry !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Uncle Sam can charge me all he likes ..... but doubt they can extradite me over 3 bucks
Hello Wolf, Nice to meet you,
BW, Did U report me, am i gonna be tossed out,
It it happens, i will find you and i will kill you,
(that was my Liam Neeson Impression). wasent it very good,
Gr , Ban me, i wanna be banned, 
Hugs BW.