Hi this is my first time posting: I am looking for a travel companion
I am planning to trip to the UK sept 2015. A self manager trip. I am not big on buses.
would like to stay in London for a few day, and, move on to visiting other cities, area.
use hostels, B&B, train by train, some bus ect...
I would interested in heard from anyone interested in joining me.
I am from Ontario, and would like to arrange a meeting (face to face)  
Would be interested in hearing more...
Hi there,
Noticed you post about travelling and also that it was 2014. I am looking for someone to travel with but I want to go on a cruise. I am a healthy 66, retired and my husband is not interested in going anywhere. I live in Nova Scotia so at least we are both Canadian. The cruise I am interested in would be in 2019 and either out of New Jersey, New York or Boston depending on timing. Take care, Christine