As I turn the pages of this life of mine, I can tell you just how many friends and true friends that I have. A friend once told me "you shall always have friends but you will only have a handful of true friends". Though at the time I really didn't understand what she meant by that until a few years ago when all those who said oh we are the best of friends no longer came around, no longer called, no longer stayed in touch and no longer was available when I called them. Lately I have missed having those people in my life, but I am not the one who choose to not to stay connected. However I am thankful for the friends that have been "True Friends and who have not walked out of my life". I do understand live gets busy and everyone is doing his or her own thing, however I feel you someone says we are the best of friends, it means something. So tonight as I sit here and can't sleep, I think about the true friends I have and I am very thankful for them. I truly all of you have some "true friends" who will always be there no matter what.
And I also hope that someday I will meet and make new friends. Good Night. :(
WOW, that's sad. we are never to old to make friends.  you have to have friends to understand which are the true friends and which are the kind of friends we don't need in are lives. I understand what you mean, I found that out when I lost my daughter. I have made lots of good friends on this site, besides a few that where not good  :lol:. I have been on this site for a few years and most members on this site become more than just friends they become part of the family. there are members on here that are always there to help you in anyway they can. I know that first hand, they pick you up when your down, they listen when you just need to talk, and make you laugh even when you don't want to. they are only a click away or a phone call away. I hope you get to meet them, to find out what I mean  :D.  you have given me the opportunity today to thank all the my friends on this site for being there for me  :D.   shopgirl keep smiling today could be the day you get to make the friends you are looking for :D  
When I developed Arthritis I quickly learned who were real friends. 25 years later I have a few real friends, but they are all new. Lots of acquaintances, but only two real friends. Richard stops when he is going by and we talk about his projects. Sometimes he brings his wife. Elizabeth has dementia and takes meds for it. It is pretty stable. While he is here he does any heavy lifting I can't do. I surf the internet better than him so can find information if I don't already have it. 
My other friend is Karin, our little store doesn't carry some things I need so she shops in her village for me. She stayed at my place when she moved back here. None of this has an "I owe you, you owe me" attached, real friends don't do that.  I have other friends, but except for David who stops for no other reason than to see if I need a hand most of my friends are friends because they need to borrow tools. 
Tim is a trade friend, I get him to do stuff because I know he will be borrowing tools. I need him to move raspberry bushes for me. I trade a lot, and for this they don't need to be friends. I traded raspberry bushes for lilacs. I trade apples so I don't have to pick them. These people probably think of me as friends and so they are, but not real friends. Well it would be worse if I lived in a city. People there are too busy to be bothered with an old gimp. Real friends are worth their weight in gold and just as rare. I actually have some internet friends that I'm closer to than my own family. 
You would be surprise Dav, on what you can find for a friend in a city, I live in a city and I got lots of real friends here, lots of nice people here too. It depends on how socialize you are.