Is it just me or do other people find the virtual assistants that come with new devices absolutely useless?
I mostly use Microsoft so 'my' assistant is Cortana. If I ask her something she usually refers me to the Bing search engine. Well, duh, I could have done that myself. Except I would have used Google which is far superior. If I want to know the time, I have a watch, the weather? I can look out of the window or use a weather app. Music? There are lots of ways to listen nowadays. The news? Lots of news available on many devices. (I don't watch TV but I get by)
You can get stuff to run your home for you, BUT you have to buy a whole range of expensive compatible devices, nor can you mix and match. You have to stay with one system. These are always being updated and will soon be obsolete, so we will be expected to buy new ones? Do we really want or need fridges with a computer on the front?
Don't get me wrong, i think I have more technology than the average person and I love to use it, touch screens, for instance are fantastic, but some of it just seems over the top to me. So, are the conveniences really worth it? Do they help? Or are we being duped and ripped off?
What do you think? Do you find any of it useful?

If you like to hear my 5 cents worth, YES ... I do enjoy technical things BUT ... only those that actually do something for ME instead for some greedy CEO whose only interest is to get his sticky fingers in to my wallet. I am totally against getting a new item just to be "up-to-date" with the latest gimmicks.

If you follow the trend of all the latest toys, and want to keep up with it you would have to purchase a new (stupid) smartphone , I-pad or whatever almost every month. As of this day I do NOT want to have another "Computer" in my back pocket, so I still use a simple Flip-phone, which already does more than I even care about.
I just read in the news, that Apple has been slowing down older phones in order to make people buy the latest since they apparently are not selling as many as they would like. Their excuse really sucks, apparently they did it to make the batteries last longer, hahahaha! And this is just one item...

Keep in mind, that most any new appliance, TV's or whatever are equipped so they can spy on you without you even noticing and your private live is all but ... History. It's all about bombarding you with ads to make you part from your hard earned money! It even applies to new cars that have hundreds of computers installed to make your life "easy", lol. And almost every manufacturer these days is jumping on the bandwagon to grab a chance to get a piece of the pie, so be smart and aware!
Cheers! :-))) ~N~
It appear that everyone want their share of profits, so there is always something new to try. I prefer my old ways of internet, but others maybe younger generation love it.