I'm thrilled that Voula's Law, a motion to protect family caregivers and their loved ones, passed unanimously tonight. Thank you to MPPs of all parties of Canada for your support. Every party came together for this, and showed support.
It's time for the government to clarify that trespass orders cannot be used by powerful care home operators to ban family members who advocate for their loved ones ever again.
I have been supportive of this legislation, helping to get her access to a tech support person to get a web page set up and attending a government town hall to make this issue known. I have introduced my friend to others who helped in her fight. We were shocked at how prevalent using threats of trespass was in care home situations, not just in Canada, to keep anyone from ever complaining about any issue. My tiny involvement was so emotionally exhausting, I cannot even imagine how she kept up daily.
Voula is my friend's mother who was not allowed to see her daughter (her care liaison) for nearly a year when the home she was paying to stay at trespassed her daughter for standing up for other caregivers in the home, who were being abused by the owner in clear view of everyone in the building. This was after viewing concerns about her mother's care as well. My friend was given a trespass order which she had to fight in court, (the trespass was thrown out) and now has huge legal fees as the home has sued her for making this whole episode known. CBC National Broadcasting TV has had many segments devoted to my friend's and many others' stories about this issue.
My friend Maria signed herself into her Mother's care home when the home was under Covid lockdown and her mother tested positive. The home was so overwhelmed and the only way she survived was with my friend's 24/7 care.
Voula's Law was an act of love not just for a mother and daughter, but for all vulnerable people in society.
I am so proud of her and grateful. The future will be better for so many.