I just joined this site and I'm wondering if there is anyone from the Seattle area. Would love to hear from you......Lindy :P
Hi Lindy, welcome. I am not in your area, but in the states. I live in Michigan. I hadn't posted yet but also wondered if there is anyone female or male in the Michigan area or even near me.
Welcome and I wish you the best on the site.
Hi Lindy, nice to meet you. When you log in to the website, the home page shows a number of boxes of information. In the lower left is a quick search. Just follow the steps. If there is no one in your zip code, try another zip, Seattle has plenty of them, a quick Google shows 28.

Good luck! :D
I love Seattle, have been there a few times before. I love the rain and the afternoons, especially at 4:20 :wink: . However, I now live in Myrtle beach... much warmer!

Welcome to 50plus! :)

Welcome to the site. My hometown is Tacoma. Graduated from Stadium High School. Small world huh? A lot of nice people here, but remember as all things with the net use caution.