Honesty, but then some don't like the the taste, so my back up is chocolate cake  :D
Some items off the top of my head.

    A start :!:
    A smile :!:
    Interesting conversation :!:
    Dessert :wink: :shock:
Paulette59 wrote: How can anyone bring anything to the table from a profile description? Its just a description of words that someone tries  to write out about themselves, more difficult for some than others..some don't write at all!
Best of luck to you. 

True Paulette.
And as for Rick and the "eye candy"..... those candies are only interested in the money he can spend on them. Or what he might win. It isnt looks. It works that way both sides. If you didnt have money or win any or have a good time, no one would be hanging on anyones arm. ;) 
Like it gulf lol . Each to their own I say bring yourself to the table sit down grab a glass .life is what you want it to be what you make it . Expectations are never a good thing .go with the flow . Life is far to short .
I love your statement Morton. It is so true......lol
I would have not brought the back up cake.
Loved gulfs answer .. had me giggling .. silver wear lol !!
Dear Elusivewoman: Congratulations on beating cancer. I have had so many family members succumb to it. You seem like a beautiful, witty and wise woman. I wish you the best!
I usually bring my appetite. Life is about change and reflecting how those changes affect oneself. What one did in the past may be different today and what you do in the future. We are all working on who we are. Relax and enjoy the journey.
For me I bring "possibilities" to the table. The possibility of a new friendship, maybe a relationship, perhaps something fleeting, possibly something that soars and burns bright.
I bring anticipation of what maybe?
I had this question asked of me on a date a couple of years ago. I had Stage 4 Non Hodgkin's almost five years ago (survived and thriving!). The cancer not only forced me to get rid of almost everything I owned ( I moved in with my sister for two years whilst recovering) but also cost me over $50,000 in savings. I now have nothing. Financially. My response was that I'm told I'm a lot of fun (at the time I was running a social group that I started for people over 40), that I had certification in massage (hot stone too), manicures and pedicures, Indian head massage. I'm a Reiki Master and do therapeutic touch. I had been trained by molly maid and was a professional clean ( always grateful for home economics classes) and I could cook and bake. His response was all about money. I decided to give up. I don't date now. I keep busy. I have friends and do acting as an extra and bit roles in movies and tv. I spend time with family and I'm good alone. But my heart says it's not the best way to live. Life throws some strange things at you. Judging someone on their net worth is a sad fact of life these days. When we were young we used other things to gauge a love interest. 
I am a believer in fate. I am pro active in making my life happy but we come into one another's lives with purpose. If it happens then that would be the icing on the cake. 

You are strong, perceptive, and radiant. Anyone reading your post should be able to see that. If men can't see past your circumstances and what you have lived through, they are not the right men. However, I do believe there is someone who would deserve and appreciate you that you have a meaningful connection with. In the meantime, you inspire me to try to be strong on my own and love myself a little more. I've been struggling with that. As my son keeps telling me, mom, the plane of your life is crashing. You need to put on your oxygen mask and strap in." In other words, stop responding to my situation and start practicing self care. It is hard, but I am trying.

You sound like a wonderful, proud mamma, and your kids sound amazing. Not surprising since you sound amazing too. You sound like you lead a balanced life, simple, not what you imagined, but for now something. None of us come with any lifetime guarantees. What you bring to the table is wit, wisdom, a life richly lived, the will to live fully, no matter what your circumstances, empathy, and a balanced spirit with true healing energy. Oh, and a beautiful smile too! You need someone who can see all of that.
I m sorry you lost all your financial safety net but a lot of us are in that boat. I am an ex Nortel and divorce costs a lot as well. I like you have no pension and benefits anymore. I have lived many financial struggles and yes I almost lost my house .


I completely dis agree with the statement characteristics cannot be proven. All a person needs to do is pay attention to what someone is saying in the conversation they having with a new person instead of thinking about all they want them to be saying instead.

Unfortunately you neex to put in the time before you van see is time someone's true identity shows.
What a wonderful strong woman you are. You've raised a talented family, survived serious health problems and still have a great sense of humour despite your current situation. Many people in your circumstances would be very negative and feel very sorry for themselves....."why me" etc so I think you bring far more to the table than most, hold you head up high and know your true worth. I wish you lots of luck and continued good health for the future.
Funny, that's exactly when I used to say to my ex-husband about why our relationship wasn't working! A relationship is only as good as what you bring to the table. Calling this "terms of the relationship" is an excellent way to determine whether you're on solid ground or not; this is the foundation of any successful friendship.
[quote="elusivewoman2011"]I am pro active in making my life happy [/quote

elusivewoman2011, to quote Chester Bennington, " we learn what doesn't kill us makes us stronger" and what you bring to the table must be amazing because your life story shows your resiliency in a way that few people could ever hope to attain. And so you should be choosy and not give away that precious commodity. I would be honored to know you.