:lol: Always wondered where the term - 'Animal Magnetism' came from ! :lol:
Never cease to wonder eh? :lol:
Oh definitely - like for example - wondering why nobody has invented a device to help teach a dog to 'stay'. All it requires is a short length of leash with a magnet at one end - attach other end to dogs collar and place dog next to metal pole . :mrgreen:
:lol: Don't tell Cesar Millan that or Brandon McMillan :mrgreen:
Oh I've watched quite a few of Cesars programs in the past - not heard of the other guy though :mrgreen:
Yes Cesar has done a few tours in the UK...
It that time of year for the Northern Hemisphere.
Some countries do get harsh winter and I am hoping we are in for a milder winter this year :P

Some areas do have these laws in place to protect animals from harsh winter.
Thank you for the links - checked them both out :) I do like that animal protection law regarding animals being kept outside in cold temperatures. I don't think we have one like that here.