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Thank you for your input.

I too am very disillusioned with Windows 10 - and completely agree with the privacy issues. It's just another way of them getting "big brother" to watch over us. I intend to uninstall it and revert back to Windows 8.1 - which although it took some time to get used to - I must prefer using it.

Also, agree that Linux is by far a better way of creating documents - and would definitely say "no" to saving anything on the Cloud or the One drive! Don't like the sound of my documents floating about somewhere in cyberspace LOL :)

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gwynnie wrote: Rod, DF, I think you both need to calm down and watch the blood pressure,

Microsoft. Blood pressure. One can shoot the other sky high. You're right. If I blow a vessel, you will know why. Thanks for the concern.

But I just bad mouth them for a while, then I feel fine. BP back to normal. I rant not for the heck of it, but for my health. :-)

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I can't really comment on Windoze 10, not having used any of the Evil Empire's products since I discovered DRDOS 4. I do, however, have a couple of comments on Linux that people may find informative.

First off, as you may have heard, Linux is completely FREE. But you may not have realized that the Linux disk also includes a version of just about any application you could conceivably want. There's even an emulator (Wine) that can run a lot of Windows programs.

It's mere secure than Windows for two reasons. There are a constant stream of security updates, and nothing can be installed on the hard drive without a password.

Another advantage of Linux is that it is quite happy running on what Windows would think of as antique hardware. So, if you have an old computer gathering dust in the corner, you might want to try Linux. You might be pleasantly surprised.

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jayjay023 wrote: What do you think of the new Windows 10?

I've only used it for a day and my pc has crashed a couple of times and restarted all by itself. Hopefully only a minor hiccup :(

Windows 10 may be of great help if you really need it. However, take into consideration that Microsoft is collecting your personal data and transfering it to their servers. The truth about Windows 10 spying on almost everything you do is described in the articles of Emsisoft blog. Surely, it's not the only company who is doing so, and it's all about money, but it's always better to be prepared and to understand the importance not to store your private data in e-mails, text messages or social networks. Once I started using Emsisoft Internet Security, I immediately forgot about PUPs and adware that used to be so annoying to me (and I suppose for everybody). I didn't even have to install it, because it's a fully portable toolkit, so it also saves my PC memory, which is unfortunately not big.

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Being a techno geek, I have installed W10 on 3 of my non critical systems. It has issues with older graphics cards (not supported anymore) and does not run as fast as I expected, my small media machine can't play nicely off my networked video jukebox nor stream from the web cleanly (that one will will be put back to Win 7 soon).

My recommendation on W8 W8.1 and W10 is: if you have an older machine buy a new one with the newest version already configured and installed. In saying that, I know people have their life on the machine and would need to move data around and reconfigure their new system for emails and video communications etc.

As for information to M$, well they don't get anything. I do have to jump through hoops to prevent the signup to their service on installation. Even their games login screen is cancelled which still allows me into the games sections.

I noticed some references to XP, I still keep a copy of that running on a Virtual Machine to run my torrent downloads through proxy servers.

I do like Linux and have a laptop running that, along with several servers to run my websites.

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Windows 10 is Awesome! however it is recommended before installing to uninstall all other AVI's=anti virus installations especially Norton it may cause problems if left on. (leave windows defender orc essentials on) I am a member of the Windows forums and also Microsoft's for years. I have 4 PC's on my home network and installed W10 on all starting July 29th or ASAP.

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I waited a long time until finally upgrading last month (January 2016). I had to change a lot of things so that it runs the way I like it to .. and now I do like it, I am reluctant to admit.

Essentially, Windows 10 is Windows 8 fixed.

That's Microsoft for you.

(But too bad I have only the home edition and cannot disable this constant downloading of updates that I have no interest in.) 

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Still testing at the office. Results are not too favorable at this time.

M$ seems to want to push W10 home on my W8.1 Pro. No thanks.