When walking with a man you know,

While walking hand in hand,

Take a look where your hand is,

To know exactly where you stand.

Since you let him hold your hand,

And it’s his hand that’s under,

He will support you always,

Of this you’ll never wonder.

If your hand is clasped with his,

And his hand’s on top,

He will protect you always,

This will never stop.

And if this man is far away,

Instead of where you stood,

You wonder if he’d hold your hand?

You know,,

He wished he could.
With only three limit posting, I am going to do it all on one.
Lovely poet that you wrote and I enjoyed reading them all.
That's beautiful Wizard, thanks for sharing it. I wish he could too.
I fell save feeling those hands
that for sure will never meet.
I read poetry from a man
that is far away from me
Tug at my heart strings.  Such a talented man.  Wow.  I hope you publish this one!