These Walls of Mind

Where is the one I love so dear,
The one I love is gone I fear.
Where are my children, there is no sign,
Are they beyond these walls of mind?

I know I have children, but where and who,
I call for them, And who are you?
I sense your touch, and you are kind,
Did you build these walls of mind?

How did I get lost without a trace,
This is a dark and lonely place.
I’m trapped in here, can’t you see
If only my friends could rescue me.

I tried to be, what was not bad,
So do not worry and don’t be sad.
One day on me the light will shine,
And down will come,
These Walls of Mind.
Haunting poem Wiz...and well written
I wrote this some years ago after a close friend developed Alzheimer's. I tried to imagine what it must be like to be trapped inside a body and no way to speak to the world around me and the last stanza was, in finality, acceptance. and wanting the world to know, ITS OK.
One thing I would like people to think about, If you have ever lost a loved one, you know the feeling of sadness that comes upon you. Why does that happen? Its because YOU cared for that person. Someone that you did really not know that well but cared for them anyway. GUESS WHAT, there ARE people that you know, that YOU affect them in the very same way. They care for you and you don't even realize or think about it. Think about that the next time you speak with the lady you work with or the guy that mows your lawn or the cashier you see on a regular basis.