“THE” Challenge

A boy of 16 usually struggles with some events during high school. His mettle is often tested, sometimes with mixed results. There is usually one event, a single time, in which he realizes that from then on, he would deal with those challenges with greater confidence and those struggles, which he faced would be easier to handle.

The guy in 4th Period always seemed to want to get into a fight so Will avoided him most of the time. Was that this time for William or Will as he was called most often? It was during 4th Period that it happened. Will had been hanging with his buddies at the lunch table when the challenge had been announced.

His buddies had remained silent and Will had hesitated, but finally, with all the bravado a high school boy, standing in front of his buddies, could muster, he answered. Yes, he exclaimed. I'll be waiting for you.

For a few more moments, everyone remained silent. They stared at one another and then at Will. “Wow”, said his friend Harry. Are you really going to do it?” “Yes, “Will replied with more confidence now, “I am”!

It was almost 5:30. Time was growing close. Will had changed clothes. He was wearing some old torn blue jeans and a plaid shirt. White socks and ragged tennis shoes completed what he thought was best.

“No sense in wearing good clothes” Will was thinking to himself. Time seemed to move faster now, as it was only 10 minutes till 6.
The nervousness Will felt began to tell as the beads of sweat developed on his forehead. He paced back and forth in the kitchen and the living room and moved to the foyer.

“Maybe I should not have said yes” Will thought, “Maybe I can say that I’m sick and can’t do it.” “No, my buddies would never let me live THAT down, so I HAVE TO DO IT”.
At 6PM, the doorbell rang. The sound reverberated throughout the house and startled Will from his thoughts. With his palms wet with sweat, Will had to grasp the front door knob harder to turn it and open the door. His heart was racing, but Will slowly pulled the front door open.

When the door was fully open, there stood the brown haired girl with glistening green eyes and she smiled at him.
“Ready to go to the Sadie Hawkins Dance?” she asked.
Nice one Wiz :D