Before walking to the pier where her ship was moored, Snorkamus Prime stopped at GRAPE GRANDS, where her best friend sold the best grapes ever. Would you like green ones or purple ones today” Grape Grand asked. I’ll take the green ones, Snorkamus replied. I have a long voyage ahead and want ones I like the best. After taking the grapes, Snorkamus gave Grape Grand a big hug, just like she did before she sailed away and when she came back for her voyage on the ocean. And with that, Snorkamus walked onto the pier and headed to her ship.
Snorkamus Prime stood on the poopdeck of her ship while her crew of Panda Bear Pirates were busy getting the ship ready to sail the 7 seas. Panda Pierre` the 1st Mate said --Captain Snorkamus` the ship is ready to get underway--.
--Cast off all lines and make sail--` she replied to Panda Pierre.

Soon Captain Snorkamus Prime and the Panda Bear Pirates were sailing out to sea in the big ship` --FU LIN YU II--.

Gizmo Farnsworth` the ships mascot and very persnickety kitty cat jumped up on Captain Snorkamus- shoulder. --Good morning Gizmo--` the captain said. --I wish you would call me Farrrrnnnnnssssworrrrrrth--` Gizmo replied` --and good morning to you Captain--. --You need to be good on this voyage Gizmo` or I-ll trade you in for that dog I saw in the window. You know` the one with the wagglely tail-- Snorkamus said as she laughed softly.
--It-s not a good idea to trade me. I-m a cat and cats are good luck you know--` Gizmo stated in her best kitty cat voice.

Panda Paula walked up and said`-- I have some Berry Rum for you Captain. It-s made from the best berries in all the islands--. --Thank you-- Snorkamus Prime replied.
Captain Snorkamus looked around. The sky had fluffy clouds which looked cotton candy` the kind you get at the fair and Snorkamus loved cotton candy. The ocean was beautiful blue with white caps as the waves broke at the top. That reminded Captain Snorkamus of Blueberry snow cones` which she also loved to get at the fair.

Panda Pete with his pegleg ambled up to the Captain. In his best pirate voice he said` --How ye be Captain` and which way we be headed now--? South by Southwest Pegleg` We are in search of the lost treasure-- replied Captain Snorkamus.
--Aye Captain` South by Southwest it be-- said -ol Pete as he turned and ambled back to the ships wheel. --I wish she would call me Pete instead of Pegleg-- he mumbled.

As the FU LIN YU II headed South by Southwest` the sky began to fill with dark clouds. The wind started to blow stronger. --Furl the Mainsail-- Captain Snorkamus commanded. --We be headed into a storm--. Four Panda Bear Pirates scurried up the rope ladders to roll up the sail. The sky grew darker and it began to rain` a little at first and then harder. --Ummm` I-ll see you later Captain. I took my bath earlier and I don-t like getting wet anyway-- Gizmo exclaimed as she jumped down to the deck and headed for the Captains stateroom below.
The ship was pitching and rolling now. The rain was coming down like cats and dogs. Well` not real cats and dogs but raining very hard. The sky was almost black with heavy clouds and the wind was blowing the ship in all directions.
Captain Snorkamus stood at the helm. She had been through storms before and she was sure her Panda Bear Pirates would make it through this one. The lightning crackled and the thunder roared. The waves crashed against the side of the ship and the whole ship would shake.
--Stand yer post-- Captain Snorkamus yelled above the loud noise of the storm. As quickly as the storm started it ended and Snorkamus Prime and her Panda Bear Pirates were back on course to find the lost treasure.

Now that the storm was over` Gizmo Farnsworth came back outside. --Oh my goodness-- she cried out` --all this water on the deck is getting my paws wet--. She gingerly stepped in the water puddles and made her way to Captain Snorkamus and hopped back up on her shoulder. --Welcome back Gizmo. I hope you did not get too wet on the way over here or during the storm-- Snorkamus said. --Well` Gizmo replied` I had some things to do and I knew you would be busy so I got inside quick--. --Of course you did-- Snorkamus replied! Snorkamus Prime knew that GIZMO FARNSWORTH did not like to be outside in a storm.
--Unfurl the mainsail-- Captain Snorkamus commanded` --and continue on course--.
The day grew long and night came to the crew. Its time for sleep the captain said. Panda Penelope announced to the crew:
The Panda Pirates all went to sleep as the ship rocked gently back and forth.

In the morning` the Panda Pirates were busy sailing the ship when all of a sudden` they heard Panda Paul cry out from the crow-s nest high in the ship.
--Land HO-- cried Panda Paul.
-- Would that be the island with the lost treasure Captain-- Panda Patrick asked Captain Snorkamus.
--That it be-- the Captain replied as she commanded`-- Drop anchor--.

The FU LIN YU II dropped anchor and soon everyone was ashore. --Gather some food so we can eat lunch-- Captain Snorkamus commanded. Some Panda Pirates climbed trees looking for good food. The Palm trees near the shore had big juicy strawberries. Other trees had bread fruit. The trees near the river had large ripe peanuts hanging. Soon` the crew was enjoying peanut butter and strawberry jelly sandwiches. They also had Coconut MILK to drink.

Captain Snorkamus stood next to a table and pulled out a map. --Here is the LOST TREASURE MAP-- she said as she rolled out the map for all to see. The Panda Pirates gathered around the table. They were all excited to see where the Lost Treasure could be found.

--We must first march through Chocolate Forest and then cross Peanut Butter River-- Captain Snorkamus said. --We then must climb up Rock Candy Mountain. The lost treasure is behind Cotton Candy Falls. So let us be on our way--.
The Panda Pirates marched quickly as they could. They all wanted to see the lost treasure. Past Chocolate Forest` crossing Peanut Butter River and climbing up Rock Candy Mountain. Soon they all could see Cotton Candy Falls and they all became more excited.

The Captain knew they would all be wet getting behind the water falls but she marched her pirates ahead. As the Captain` She went first through the falls. Her Panda Pirates followed and into the Lost Treasure cave they went.

--Open the treasure chests-- Captain Snorkamus commanded.
Panda Peggy was the first to open a chest. Oh My` she cried out loud. --It-s filled with all kinds of gummy bears--
Panda Pam was next opening her chest. It was filled with lollipops` red ones` green ones` blue ones and even chocolate lollipops. Panda Phillip opened his treasure chest. Captain he called out`-- This treasure chest be filled with red and white peppermint candy canes--

Eat your fill ` Captain Snorkamus said. And they did. The Panda Pirates were eating gummy bears` lollipops and candy canes. Ooooh` they were soooo good.
Take the treasure to the ship` the captain said.-- We must be off.` FOR I HAVE ANOTHER LOST TREASURE MAP--
Great children's story!
What a fantastic adventure! I am sure you read to this Sky many, many times. Really great!!