This story is really for the 5 and under crowd.. I hope yours enjoy it.


Once upon a time.. deep in the jungle there lived three animals that
were the very best of friends. There was an elephant named Mombo.. a tiger
named Striper.. and the funniest monkey you have ever seen and his name was
Two-Rings. That.s where he got his name because he had two white rings of
fur.. one on each arm.
Mombo.. Striper.. and Two-Rings decided to play their favorite game..
Hide and Seek. -I.ll be it..- said Two-Rings.. -you guys go hide.- -One..
two.. three.. four.. and five- Two-Rings began to count. Mombo and Striper
ran to their best hiding place in the jungle. -Six.. seven.. eight.. nine..
ten-.. he counted out loud. -Ready or not here I come!- Two-Rings ran in to
the jungle to find Mombo and Striper.
Striper found a good spot behind a big rock and it was big enough to
hide his whole body. -Two-Rings will never find me here- he thought. Mombo
found a nice tall tree to hide behind. -This is the best spot for me-
Mombo was thinking. Just then.. Mombo heard a rustling noise on the ground
and looked down. -EEEEEEEKKKKKK- trumpeted Mombo.. a m�.. m�.. mouse!!!!!!!!!
Elephants are afraid of mice they say. Well Mombo sure was. Mombo was so
scared.. he grabbed on to the trunk of that tree and climbed straight up to
the top.
Two-Rings only had to look for Striper for just a few minutes. -How
did you find me so quickly?- Striper asked. -Well..- Two-Rings replied..
-You were hidden pretty well.. but silly your tail was sticking so far up
in the air! You were not hard to find.. but finding Mombo will not be hard
at all. -Come on Striper..- Two-Rings said -We can look for Mombo
together.- Two-Rings and Striper went off to find Mombo. They looked by
the river.. they looked around all the rocks.. they looked behind all the
trees but they just could not find Mombo. -I.m tired!- said Two-Rings..
-I.m going to rest under this tree.- When Two-Rings lay down and looked up
to see.. there was Mombo in the top of that tree. Two-Rings jumped up and
called for Striper to come right away. -What is it?- said Striper
Two-Rings said.. -I found Mombo and he is in the top of that tree.- -How
did he ever get up there?- said Striper. -I don.t know.- -But he needs to
come down.- -Mombo- called Two-Rings.. -How did you ever get into the top
of that tree?- -There.s a m.... m.... mouse down there- Mombo said. -Well
the mouse is gone now..- said Two-Rings -You can come down now.- -But I
don.t know how to get down!- said Mombo. This was going to be a problem
for Two-Rings and Striper. -How about a ladder?- said Striper? -We don.t
have a ladder long enough- Two-Rings said. -We can use a vine-.. said
Striper -That would be long enough- right-.. said Two-Rings -But
the vine will never be strong enough to hold an elephant- So Striper and
Two-Rings had to think of another idea to get Mombo out of that tree. -I
have an idea-.. said Two-Rings -But we will need lots of help- Two-Rings
told Striper his idea. -That will work-.. said Striper -I.ll go get my
other friends.- Two-Rings called up to Mombo.. -Don.t go anywhere we.ll be
right back.- And off he went.
Striper had gone and told his friends to help him bring as many
vines as they could find back to the tree where Mombo was. Two-Rings had
brought back to the tree all of his friends and all of Mombo.s friends.
One by one the tigers began to bring vines to the clearing beside the
tree. The other monkeys began to weave them together. Very soon the
monkeys had finished and the big net which was strong enough to hold Mombo
was ready. All of the elephants picked up the net with their trunks and
everyone was ready. -Okay Mombo..- said Two-Rings -go ahead and jump right
into the net.- Mombo looked down.. that net seemed like long way down. -I
can.t..- he said -I.m scared.- -He will have to jump.- Said Two-Rings.
Mombo did not move.. he was scared and he was not going to jump. -How are
we going to get him down?- said Striper. Two-Rings had to think about
this. Ahaa.. thought Two-Rings.. I have it! Two-Rings began to look around
on the ground. He reached down and picked it up and put it in his pocket.
Two-Rings climbed the tree all the way to the top where he found Mombo.
-Are you going to jump into the net?- Two-Rings asked Mombo. -I can.t- he
said -I.m scared!- -Well..- said Two-Rings -I have to do this- He reached
into and pocket and pulled something out. -See what I have in my hand?-
said Two-Rings. Mombo looked into Two-Rings. hand. -EEEEEEEEEKKKKKK!!!!!-
cried Mombo -a m� m�m�mouse!- Mombo turned and leaped from the top of that
tree. When Mombo land in the net he scrambled out very quickly and ran
into the jungle. Two-Rings climbed down from the top of the tree and
asked.. -Where is Mombo?- -He ran off into the jungle..- said Striper
-screaming about a mouse.- Two-Rings put the mouse on the ground and said..
-Well we had better go find Mombo before he winds up ANOTHER tree!- And
off they went.