It was in the middle of summertime and it was very hot in the jungle. The leaves on the trees were wilting. the river was drying up. why even the rocks were hot. The jungle was very still. no one was moving around. Mombo. Striper and Two-Rings were laying in the shade trying to keep cool. Two-rings was hot and did not want to play but he was also bored. Two-Rings was thinking. what can we do to play and not be so hot. Then. he had and idea. I have a great idea. said Two rings. but we must go get our hats and coats.
The heat must be getting to you. said Striper. I-m not going to put on my hat and coat. You will like this said Two rings. Okay said Mombo. we will go along. Anything to get cool.

Mombo. Striper and Two-Rings went home and got their hats and coats. Then Mombo and Striper followed as Two-Rings led the way. They walked for it longtime. even passed the edge of the jungle. Soon they began to walk up this hill and as they walked along it got cooler. It felt good to be cooler. This is great said Mombo. It does feel good said Two rings. but we have a long way to go. They kept on walking up and up and up and it got cold and then colder. So they put their hats and coats on and they kept on walking.

When Two-Rings finally stopped. they were in the middle of a snow field. Here we are. said Two rings. Well said Striper this is wonderful. Let-s play hide and seek. Okay. I-ll be it said Mombo. Mombo began to count. one. two. three. four. five. Then Two- rings and Striper ran off to hide. Striper found a big pile of snow to hide behind. Two-Rings hid behind a giant rock. said Mombo. ready are not here I come.

This will be too easy. thought Mombo as he looked at his friends steps in the snow.

It began to snow as Two-rings hid behind the rock. I should make a snow monkey. he thought. Then he said out loud. Oh. I have a great idea. Two-Rings made a snow monkey. then he put his coat and hat on the snow monkey. Looks just like me. he said when he was done. Two-Rings ran to a small pile of rocks just big enough for him to hide behind.

Mombo followed Striper-s steps right to the big pile snow. Okay Striper said Mombo I got you. You can come out now. How did you find me so quickly Striper said? Well silly. said Mombo. I just followed your steps in the snow. Let-s go and get Two-Rings behind that big rock over there. As they headed towards the big rock. Mombo said let-s climb over the top and surprise Two-rings. He-ll never expect that. That-s a great idea said Striper. let-s do it.

Mombo began to climb the rock being quiet so Two-rings wouldn-t hear him. Striper climbed the rock behind him. Just as Mombo got to the top of the rock he slipped on a patch of ice. Lookout Two-Rings Mombo is falling. Striper called out. But Two-rings did not move. Woosh. Mombo fell on top of Two-rings. Oh no cried Mombo I-ve squished Two-Rings. Mombo got up quickly. Help me Striper called Mombo. help me get Two-rings out of this snow. Mombo and Striper dug in the snow but all they could find was Two-rings hat and coat. Where is he said Striper? We can-t find him. What are we going to do said Mombo?

Just then they heard noises behind the small pile of rocks. Both ran over to see who it was. They saw Two-rings laughing so hard he was rolling in the snow. Were going to get you for that Mombo said. Striper and Mombo scooped up some snow to make snow balls. Two-Rings saw them and took off running. Mombo and Striper threw their snow balls. Two-Rings scooped some snow. made a snow ball and threw it back. Pretty soon it was a snow ball blizzard. After the snow ball battle Mombo and Striper decided they would make a snow elephant and the snow tiger. Two-rings decided he would make another snow monkey. They were all very tired but they were smiling when each one was done.

Time to go home said Striper. It-s a long way home said Two rings. Let-s ride home said Mombo. Come with me. Mombo used his trunk to pick up a log that was stuck in the snow. He said it down and moved it back and forth. This will make a great sled he said.
Mombo Striper and Two-rings jumped on the log and sledded down the mountain. all the way home.