No trucker, you are cute, with or without hair........don't put yourself down, or I will kick your truck where the sun don't shine....... :lol:
I ain't gonna say nofin



I've always had long hair, same hairstyle! Ha ha 
I kinda like it though, just straight free hair!
Your hair is lovely Koala.  Lots of us are not lucky enough to have perfectly straight hair.  Do you braid it sometimes or pile it up on your head?  I had long hair when I was young, and it was beautiful but it had a wave.  I did all different things with it depending on where I was going.

I don't suppose you would be brave enough for me to try some different styles on you too...?

I love learning new things, so that is why am having fun with this right now.  Next week, it will something else.  I am always learning.    
Nah Jessy, I just mostly leave it free or put it in a ponytail. I used to do two plaits but I look too much like a child version of Annie Oakley :) :) ha ha 
Which I guess wouldn't be too bad.
I have curled the ends a few times for different occasions but they don't stay in as my hairs too heavy!:)