scrummy wrote: I didnt hear much about trying to save The Tories from themselves, Anyway we wait and see.

Johnson and Hunt are part of the problem, not part of the answer, and Theresa May resigning? Oh - the shame! She's not worried, though, now she's guaranteed her honorary peerage and a seat in the Lords. That's Lords, not Lourdes, and Lady Theresa's flip flops won't impress anyone.
Hello Cerb, Nice to see you Big D says Mother Theresa caused most of this,
But he says kinda weird stuff anyway, Mick Jagger who is on tour in US said at a concert the other day , The 4th of July was a sore spot for the Brits
cos they lost the airports to the US, and when the US beat Eng at ladies world cup
Big D said they should not have celebrated having a sip of tea, but by pretending to smoke a Cuban cigar like all good Americans.
scrummy wrote: Big D said they should not have celebrated having a sip of tea, but by pretending to smoke a Cuban cigar like all good Americans.

Hi, Scrummy - and he's no relation to Dubya, either, lol
When Big D was asked about Dubya, he said put sanctions on em like Libya,
I saw that movie about dubya with Josh Brolin as son and James Cromwell as daddy, I think it was called W. The meetings in the oval office were
like something out of Monty Python,
Dubya and Don - the chuckle brothers :lol:
Double D, sound like a ranch and something else,
Imagine Big D on a horse and shouting Whoa Whoa,
and some of his advisors saying , did he say Ho Ho,
Kellyann (bless her) going before the press and saying, It is not fake news,
It came from the horses mouth. The President told me so.

BTW, I Have to be careful on here,
I am on my 40th final warning.

PLZ let me stay.
Poor Kellyann did it again , asking a journalist what their ethnicity was,
Where do they find these people, Ms May said farewell today tho not
all is faring well at all, Now that the new EU President is a lady. poor Nigel Farage nearly freaked. we got rid of one blasted woman, now we have to listen to another,
Pst Nige, Id be careful if i were you, (TG im not) Miss Van Der Leyen takes no chit from anyone, She has offered another extension and privately she is saying, Show them the door since they cant find it, Now if the UK leave soon , the new EU time
changes will not come into play, So here in Northern Ireland there may be an hour time difference , so the 10oclock bus will leave at 9 if it crosses over to Republic, or is it the other way round, maybe the pubs will open an hour earlier and close an hour later if i walk across to north, Imagine the announcement at the station or airport, the Dublin train will now take 3hrs instead of 2 and the 4.30 flight from Dublin landed at 4.30 or is it 5.30,
Its gonna be a great craic.
GTCU Scrum. I guess it doesn't matter, as nobody is here anyway. lol
Hey Taz, How are u Man, has the chat gone quiet,
I havent been in there in forever, I was quite sick 2months ago,
Gotta a lot of wettings and a touch of pneumonia, it took a few wks to clear,
Things are good here, i was in US (only NY) in March, I may have
to go again in a few wks and if i do i will be there a month,
So if i can i will try pop down to FA for a few days, i have other friends there as well,, Keep Well Bro,
Hugs Man,
had pmeumonia in right lung lately scrum is ok now, love ta see ya here
Hey Taz, Ye if i go i will be around Phily area,so i will take a flight or train down, as i say i have a friend who lost some1 recently
so a visit for a few days wud be nice, If it happens i will have all my homework done b4 hand , IE where u are and where they are, Will stay in touch,
Delighted ur healed a little, We shud remember the moon landing at the wkend,
Imagine if we dropped some acid now, U wud be Aldrin and id be Collins,
(RIP Armstrong)
Just a little xoxoxoxoxoxox for you Scrummy !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hey Syl, U look lovely and that hair, Gawd you are hot,
But then again you always light this place up,

Well the voting is over for PMs job, It looks like Bojo aka Moses will lead
the UK out of the promised land. Tho a lot are all resigning cos they think Bojo is too hasty or rash, never, he has given this a lot of consideration,
When he was asked why he should be PM, he said i was mayor of London for the olympic games, So he says he organized the games, I thought the IOC did that,
Bojo running a country is not running a race, there are a lot more obstacles
then there is in track and field, and dont think that IRAN is an olympic event either,
If making a clusterf...k was an olympic event , UK wud win Gold, Silver n Bronze.
And they cannot blame anyone but themselves.
So Congratz are in order for Mr.Johnson
He has 99 days now to take UK out of EU unless he tears up
any previous agreements and just leaves, To be honest we here
would like an agreed deal, but if it's a no deal exit, so be it.
It has gotten so tedious , after more than 3 yrs of huffing and puffing.
maybe the time has come to blow the house down,
Lets face it voting to leave RAH, RAH, RAH, and STILL in EU
and after 3 PMs at that helm maybe, just maybe it will happen,
If it does BOJO what am i supposed to do, I cant write about events here
Nothing happens here, apart from SHANE LOWRY an Irishman winning the british open golf and EOIN MORGAN another Irishman who captained England to world cup cricket win.
I don't think its over yet Scrum as Boris, like Teresa, has a minority government, the majority of whom think a no-deal Brexit would be a disaster! He seems to think if he is confident, he can do as he wants; theres another blonde bombshell over the pond who thinks that way too! :lol: