Hey BW, This is really bad in US now, when some States are banning planes from other States, I Hope ye do everything to stay safe (both of u), I can sent some food and a few crates of Coor's if u want me to,

Syl where did TAZ go, i have rang lots of times to no avail,

Also latest polls say BIDEN has a 14point lead over Big D.

Hugs n stuff.
Hey Scrummy,, TAZ is OK,,,,,,,e-mail him perhaps ? Biden over Big D (does D mean dumbass? ) Doing OK on the coors,, and thank you..Boss at work said I need a vacation after holding the fort down at work,, lololol... It's not over by any means,, will stay alert and cautious until whenever......And yes,, people are quarantined when flying and landing in dif states....Glad you are OK...xoxoxoxo
D stands for Donald, as in lame duck, or what was Cheney's first name,
Next week he is planning a big gathering at MOUNT RUSHMORE for 4th of July,
The Native American PPL are not impressed, Im expecting a swat team some day cos i stole an ashtray from TRUMPS tower in NY years ago.